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Owner Services

Clarity Property Service looks forward to being able to turn your investments into profitable vessels.

Our Services to you include:

Initial Visit:

Will consist of an evaluation of the property to see what condition it is in and what work may need to be done to it in order to make it tenant ready.

  • CPS will provide a written evaluation and pictures with details of the scope of work if the property needs maintenance.
  • CPS has an in-house maintenance department and also has licensed and insured sub – contractors for electrical, HVAC, plumbing and other substantial areas.
  • Owners need to have the power and water turned on in order for us to do a complete evaluation.

Proposal and Management Contract:

  • Once the evaluation of the property is complete CPS will meet with the property owner and go over the details of the management contract.
  • CPS will discuss with the owner the scope of work that may or may not need to be done.
  • Once the contract is signed, the arrangements will be made to complete any scope of work that needs to be completed before the marketing of the property begins. Any work that needs to be done to prepare the property before the initial marketing will need to be funded at the contract signing.
  • Marketing of the property will be begin upon completion of any repairs.
  • Owner will also need to provide an insurance policy to us on the property being managed.

Marketing the Property:

  • Once the property is move in ready CPS will start the marketing process.
  • CPS uses various marketing tools to promote your property.
  • Yard signs.
  • Web site and Internet Advertising
  • Local magazines and newspapers.

Tenant Screening:

  • When CPS receives an application for a property the screening process begins.
  • Order eviction records.
  • Employment Verification.
  • Rental History Evaluation.
  • Background and Credit Checks.

Lease Agreements:

  • Once an application is approved CPS will start the lease execution.
  • Security Deposits will be collected at the lease signing.
  • Security Deposits will be held in an escrow account until such time refunded to the tenant or distributed to the owner.
  • A walk through move in inspection will be done with the tenant at the time of move in and the report along with pictures will attached to the lease.
  • CPS will then collect the first payment from the tenant.
  • The first payment received from the tenant will have a procurement fee and the property reserve for maintenance will be set aside before disbursement of funds to the owner begins.

Collection of Rents:

  • Once the tenant has moved into the property CPS will collect rents, utility incomes or any other charges that are incurred.
  • The tenant accounts will be monitored for delinquent accounts and late fee’s will be applied when necessary.
  • If the lease includes utilities with a maximum amount covered the additional overages will be added as charges to the tenant.
  • Owners will be given online access to view any activity that pertains to their property.
  • Once all expenses have been paid and any property reserves replenished CPS will distribute excess funds to the property owner.


  • CPS has an in-house maintenance department and a list of licensed and insured vendors for repairs and maintenance.
  • If the property owner has someone they prefer for HVAC, Electrical, etc, CPS will include them in the list of vendors as long as they are licensed and insured.
  • The maintenance supervisor will do various degrees of inspections periodically on the property.
  • If a property has an issue arise that exceeds the property reserve the owner will be notified and will have to fund the excess amount before the job can be completed.
  • When a tenant is ready to move out there will be a move out walk through inspection done and the property owner will be provided a detailed evaluation and supporting photos.
  • After the move out is complete CPS will work diligently to get the property move in ready for the next tenant. While a property sits vacant in between tenants CPS may have to clean or spruce up the unit more than one time depending on the length of vacancy. A vacant property needs to always look fresh and clean. Vacant properties will also be checked on during the vacancy period. Vacant properties will also be winterized in the winter time to prevent winter time damages.

Legal Procedures:

  • If a tenant becomes delinquent on their payments CPS will provide the tenant with a demand letter / 3 day notice and then start theeviction procedures.
  • Eviction procedures could include filing the eviction, set out procedures, court appearances and any other legal procedures required by the county or state.
  • Charges for legal procedures will vary on the range of the eviction. Charges will include the county filing fees, set out fees, court costs and any administrative and labor costs including mileage, labor or any other out of pocket expenses incurred. If any of these charges can be charged back to the delinquent tenant CPS will do so.

Year End:

  • Clarity Property Service will provide 1099’s to all necessary vendors and owners.
  • Owners will be provided year-end accounting records which will also be accessible via the owner log in that gives you access to your property records.

Clarity Property Service Inc looks forward to establishing a long lasting and trusting relationship with you. Share any suggestions you may have because your thoughts always count with us!